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From: Gary Pinto
By Max the Cat
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Part 4: Say Hello to Nemo & Double Doggie Dip The yacht of the container magnate Don Eloy Mendoza De Garza arrived
at the facility to pick out four Pleasure Boys, who would join Garza and
his three guests on a tour around the islands and provide the needed sexual
and companion services. The Don picked the twins, underage porn photod
an English boy names
Dickie Wales and a portly German lad named Gunther Rulhter for a weeks use.
The boys would get to dive with the Patrons which would be a first for the
Pleasure Boys. Wade told Wayne "I think we made the right choice in coming
here", his brother giggled "I know we did, not only do we get to fuck and
suck. But now we get to go scuba diving and go on a yacht". The giggled as
they were escorted to the big yacht.
They were introduced to the three companions of mom misdemeanor underage Mr. Garza. Eugene
Smythe the Great White Hunter, Merlin Whickham the Auto Racer of World
Rebound, Mark Herman the Writer who had two books on the Best Seller
List. Garza took Wade, Smythe latched on to nude underage ladies
Wayne Whickham took Dickie and
Herman put arms around Gunther. All headed to the Game room to explore
their prizes, the yacht motored off, operated by a crew of five.
In the game room all the men stripped and the Pleasure Boys got on
their knees and began to orally please the men. All the boys were babysitter underage pussy expert
cock suckers and went right to work. The twins both started tonguing their
men's puckers as they grasped the hard cocks with a free hand which jacked
the hard meat. The tongues and lips worked up the cock's underside and
they lightly nibbled the sensitive flesh "oh my stars" was heard from
Smythe and "mother of god" was belted out by Garza. Whickham could be
heard moaning "what a mouth on this one" and the words "suck it you
beautiful bitch" came from Herman. The four boys had saliva flowing on the
meat in their mouths and making rivets on their naked bodies. Wade worked
his way up the cock until he found a large bead of precum resting at the
hole on the deep red cat and he quickly wrapped his pink lips around the
big bulb and sucked down the mans warm liquid, his brother was doing the
same thing, but took over half of his Patrons penis in his mouth and worked
it into his throat so his pink tongue lollitas underage nude could swipe the man's nut sack which
began to drive Smythe out of his mind with lust "oh my boy you suck so
good, but we must fuck" he demanded and Wayne let the cock drop from his
sucking mouth and the man took the slick member and placed it at the boy's
hot boi-pussy and drove it into Wayne's depths until his man balls covered
Wayne's, now he rapidly fucked his charge with lustful abandon "you slut
you're so tight I could live in you cunt" his hips pounding Wayne with
complete abandon. Garza decided that Smythe had the right idea and turned
Wade around on his knees and pushed his meat into the boy until his balls
slapped Wade's, and pumped hard and deep. Garza began to fuck Wade's
boi-pussy as though he would never fuck anyone again, his cock kept banging
against Wade's prostrate which made the boy's cock throb with want of
cuming and the boi-slut pushed back as hard as asain underage teen the man gave "oh fuck me
with your hard cock, I love it so" the boy told his fucker. Wayne held on
to his fucker's hips, the man's belly hair rubbed his boi-cock and it
tingled and throbbed for want of splattering the man's belly with his
boi-sauce "Mr. Smythe I gonna cum, oh please let me cum" the boy begged for
relief and as if he was struck by lightning his red cock head opened up and
four hot bolt of boi-juice splattered on his fucker's chest and belly, the
hair became matted and sticky as Wayne screamed "I'm cuming, I'm shooting
my cum" and the boy collapsed as Smythe's myhost underage teens cock erupted inside the hot
boi-slut and painted the boys insides white with the man's nudegirls underage contest hot sperm.
Smythe was slick with sweat and boi-juice, but he had the biggest smile on
his broad face.
Dickie's mouth was full of hot cum "swallow my seed you slutty cock
sucker" Wickham commanded and the boys throat bounced up and down as he ate
the man's offering. Gunther had been thrown on his back and was underage teen ass being
fucked by a massive man cock that was attached to Herman the writer, the
man fucked the boy and sweat flowed from his thin body, the German boy
could not believe that such a thin individual had such a big penis, but he
was throwing his portly mass into the man's topmodels underage list movements "take my cock you fat
little fucker" the man was unmerciful with his pounding of the boys tight
boi-pussy "you are so tight, you cunt is sucking my cock" the boy was
working his muscles that clinched to the man's cock and the man could not
hold any longer, his cock spit out hot semen into the young German lad,
there was so much that it quickly leaked out around the man's wilting
penis, as the man fell to the boys side he smiled with happy feelings,
"what a wonderful fuck he had chosen.
Garza was running out of breath as he pounded into Wade "Mr. Garza I'm
going to cum" Wade announced as his boi-cock sprang forward with three
large bolts of his boi-semen that arced into mid air, then it fell back on
to Wade's tight belly and pooled into gaypussyeatingunderagekelly his belly button. Garza's cock also
erupted and bolted into the boy photo tits underage
and he collapsed smearing the boys cum over
their meeting bodies. He laid there for some time then as his cock plopped
out and his cum rushed out of Wade Garza landed on his back "great fuck,
great pussy, what a way to underage teen masturbation start a fishing trip.
The mini-orgy ended and all headed for the showers and then the buffet
that had been prepared by the staff, the eight went through the food like
mad men and boys, and the beer flowed. Sleep followed, all were exhausted.
They dropped anchor by a small uninhabited island and rested until the
next day. They rose early had breakfast and tested their equipment. The
twins couldn't wait to explore the underwater life around the reef. The
four boys were given some quick instruction on the use of the equipment and
each man kept their boy close by and entered the water. Wade couldn't
believe the things he was able to observe around him. He came close to a
Clown fish and the thought of Nemo from the movie hit him, he pointed at
the fish and Wayne also became excited. He mouthed the words Nemo to his
twin then put the air piece back into his mouth; his brother gave him the
ok sign. After awhile Garza moved in behind his boy and placed his aroused
cock at he boy's portal and pushed his cock into the lad. Wade pushed back
and they made a tight fit. Now Garza began to fuck the boy and the boy
fucked him back. Smythe saw them and quickly entered Wayne, now the other
two men got with the program and all four couples were fucking like
crazy. Maybe the fish around them were getting a show, but the couples
didn't care underage chill they only wanted to have their climaxes. Finally one by one
each Patron ejaculated in their Pleasure Boy, then as they pulled out the
man's cum made its way out of the boy's pussy's and the cum floated away.
The couples went back to the yacht and rested for lunch, yes it had been a
memorable morning.
That afternoon the patron's settled for a round of sixty-inning,
dinner and sleep, they needed it. Wade got up topmodels underage list
a little after midnight and
wandered around the yacht, He found one of the staff laying on a deck chair
playing with his cock, without a word the boi-slut got down and began to
lick the black cock from the man's pucker and slowly up the black meat mass
until he came to the black cap. Some precum had bubbled up and he quickly
caught it and lapped it up then wrapped his pink lips about a quarter of
the way down the black stalk. Up and down his boi-mouth worked on the
chocolate stick until he had the whole thing in his mouth and throat, he
let his pink tongue tickle the crinkly sack that was covered with coarse
pubic hair "oh my young white slut, you suck me well, I love it" and Wade
sucked it harder and faster, his head bobbing in the moonlight. The man
placed his big hand at the back of Wade's blond head and held it there
"Here it comes, eat my cum" an as he splattered his juices the boy
swallowed fast and hard his throat moving quickly not wanting to miss a
drop of the white elixir. Finally the black man quit underage girls lesbian
shooting and the
boi-slut slowly drew his mouth up the fleshy tube until he came to the
cap. Wade licked and cleaned the cock then planted a wet kiss on it "I
better get back to bed" and headed back to his bed.
For the next two days, more of the same happened, the men switched boys
a couple of times and Gunther followed Wade's suit and did one of the
staff. He and Wade confided underaged nude picture in each other and each time the looked at each
other, they would giggle. The boys were taken back to the facility and
were given a 100 euro tip for showing the group such a wonderful time.
Two days later Oscar summoned Wade and Wayne to his office, when they
arrived he had them sit? "How are you two enjoying your stay here?" The two
both agreed that this was really the most fun that they had ever
had. "Good, good." He shuffled some papers "the reason I asked you two here
is that B.T.W. is going to produce a new line of DVD and would like you two
to make the first one" He looked intently at Wade and Wayne "it's a double
canine/boy film". Wayne looked at him "You want a dog to fuck us, right?"
Oscar cleared his throat "Yes, that's about it". Wade looked at his twin
and his twin looked back at him, the grinned "Yea we'll do it, when? They
said in unison. Oscar relaxed and sat down "Next Friday, the dogs will
arrive on Wednesday and they will need a day to relax, so how does Friday
sound. The twins said Friday was great and what kind of dogs? Oscar said
their Doberman's, named Bullet and Gunner, and the DVD will be called
Double Doggie Dip #1. The boys got up and went to the door, "if you have
any questions find Preston he's done three or four Dog and his Boy DVD's
for the company" topmodels underage list and the twins left to find Preston.
The dogs arrived on Wednesday. On Thursday the twins and the Dobie's
got together to get acquainted, the played Frisbee and basically horsed
around. On Friday the boy topmodels underage list met the crew, Gunner and Bullet for the day's
action. Wade was paired up with Bullet and Wayne with Gunner. Each twin
played with his dog, and each twin had been fitted with an inner ear piece
so the director could give them instructions. The twins were totally naked,
their bare feet sunk in the soft green grass. The boys had been instructed
to jack each sheath so the large red cocks would move out. After a few
minutes the boys had got some three inches of hot red dog cock unsheathed
the twins were then instructed to get on their knees and "Suck the cocks,
we want them fully extended and Wade and Wayne complied. Each boy wrapped
their pink lips around the thick doggie meat licked and sucked, the two
cameramen were getting great close ups of the doggie cock hunching into the
boys mouths "good, good more tongue action, good, good" and now there was
almost eight inched of dog penis extended in a straight point "now lets let
them fuck you, and the boys moved around pics underage lesbians "cut" and all things stopped as
two attendants moved up and sprayed the boys with the company's on "bitch
in heat", the words "action" and the dogs got the scent and took over and
as the boys moved around the dogs moved also then Gunner mounted Wayne his
front paws grasped around his hips and the eight inched found its mark,
Bullet was following suit with Wade. The twins hadn't seen the extra mass
called the knot and as Gunner drove his cock into Wayne the silence was
broken by "holy shit what was that" the dog had sealed off Wayne's
boi-pussy "it's his knot" the director told him, then from Wade "holy fuck
I'm being split open" Bullet had done likewise. The canine's were pumping
and driving the twin's around on the grass as the cameramen were filming
another masterpiece for the Boi Toi film library. The Twins were being dog
fucked beyond any of the films they had seen "he keep cuming in me I'm so
full" Wade moaned and "he flooding me with doggie cum" came from Wayne. The
dog's fucked the boys for more than twenty minutes, the boys were erect and
Wayne's cock began to shoot white goo in a puddle below his belly, the Wade
shot straight and covered his chin with boi-sauce. Finally the dogs
finished, but were still tied to the boys. Each dog in an attempt to break
away moved into the opposite direction, leaving the boys pointing south and
Gunner and Bullet facing north, their tongue's hanging out the sides of
their mouths. It took another pics underage lesbians
twenty minutes then "plop" broke the silence,
first from Wade then "plop" again from Wayne.
The words "cut' broke the heavy air and the attendant's took the boys
to the main building and the showers, the doggie cum running down their
thin legs. In the shower Wade looked at his brother "I really came hard,
how about you" and Wayne gave him a sly grin" the best cum I've ever had, I
can't wait for another" youngunderagepussy and they scrubbed, then washed each other's
backs". They slept for a couple hours, underage sex webcam the got up and headed to the dining
room for something to fill them up. Preston was their talking to his best
bud Rene "say how was it? Both boy's grinned and said "kewl". Going back
two their tgp underage little
rooms Wade bent over "how big is my pussy underage tot sex hole?" Wayne laughed
"looks the same to me", and then he bent over and split his cheeks "do I
look ok? Wade eyes got big "damn I could put a fist in there!". His brother
went pale, then Wade laughed "no you're tight, I was just kidding" and they
went into Wade's room.EPILOG
The movie was a blockbuster for Boi Toi Worldwide, and the twins went
on tour, signing copies at clubs, lodges and the other facilities. After
their six months at the Maldives they moved on to the Montana
facility. They to date have made thirteen DVD's, and there is another in
the works.Thanks to Cutterman and Jellofunk (your picture's give me my ideas).Coming soon: "Bobby Blue Eyes" and "Adventure's in the Popsicle Navy"!

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